The End of Single-Family Zoning in California

How to Protect Yourself and Profit from Permissive New Upzoning Laws

by Cary Brazeman

This Is Big

New laws have ended single-family home zoning in California.

There’s been some attention to the laws, but not nearly enough given how they impact homeowners, people renting or sharing homes who may be displaced, and neighborhoods.

A new book shines light on the new laws (SB 9 and SB 10), which allow multi-unit and multi-story buildings on single-family lots across California.

If you’re a homeowner, get the book to learn:Book Cover

The book also illuminates how the laws can be exploited to destroy historic resources and produce dense housing in high-risk fire zones. Read the book to learn:

Every California homeowner should read this book. Get it now … it’s free to download!

Download Book (PDF File)
Cary Brazeman

About the Author

Cary Brazeman is the author of “The End of Single-Family Zoning in California: How to Protect Yourself and Profit from Permissive New Upzoning Laws.”

Cary is a real estate expert and neighborhood advocate from Los Angeles. He has a warning for California homeowners: Get familiar with the new laws and decide for yourself whether to stay in your home, or sell your home before it is potentially devalued as a result of changes now allowed in your neighborhood.

Cary is not a real estate agent. He doesn’t sell houses. He just wants you to know the facts.

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